Oh my goodness!! We were blown away with how beautiful your photos were! You have done an incredible job capturing the moments we will now remember forever. Thank you so much Leah, you’ve given us such an amazing gift!!!

Wendy, mother of two year old James and 1 week old Ryan

We had such a magical, slow morning with Leah. She came to our home while we were still in pyjamas. She joined us in our regular morning routines, easily matching our slow pace and relaxed morning energy. I really love the photos she took of us at the nappy change table, both my older son and I looking at his newborn brother. She followed us to the lounge for books and tummy time, cuddles on the couch, and toys on the rug. All the real bits of our life are a part of the gorgeous photos we have now. I love that so much. 

My child felt very comfortable chatting with Leah and letting her take his photo. She was so respectful of him and aware of his comfort level, which I so appreciated. Leah has an eye for the special things in our everyday lives. One of the images that is most touching to me, is one she took of my son’s hands, held out proudly, showing her the temporary tattoos he had just chosen. 

Leah’s photos capture the beauty of our home life–the precious toys, the beloved and bedraggled teddy, even the messy countertop, all are elevated through her lens. How wonderful to have a true and beautiful reflection of this special time!  

I would highly recommend Leah as a photographer! She is so talented, easy to be around, and professional. Her style is unique. No posed photos in a white washed warehouse. I mean–those are beautiful! But the images that Leah gets capture so much more. Her photography style captures the real feeling and flow of your household. The personalities, the treasured things, the morning light streaming through the window, even the mess–this is what memories are made of! 

Lauren, mother of 3.5 year old and 4 month old boys

OH MY GOD LEAH!!!!! SERIOUSLY!! They are absolutely incredible!!! I am actually speechless! And I love every single one of them!! Who can even physically take that many perfect photos in a row??? It’s insane!! I cried looking through them, I really seriously absolutely love all of them. And there are photos of me and my partner together, and of us as a whole family!!! I’ve got like two photos of us together in the seven years we’ve been together!

The photos of us all together actually really got me, I haven’t seen any photos of us as a family like that and I am shocked at how much it meant to me to see them, thank you! Every photo just perfectly captures what mornings with Billy at this age are like, they’re so perfect. Also I can’t believe you managed to make me look *not* awkward and weird, I actually don’t know how you did that!

I actually don’t know what to say, they are so beautiful and incredible and I love them, and you have put so much time and work into them!!! Definitely need to hire you every year or so for update photos I think.

You are insanely talented and I’m in awe! Thank you!

Alyssa, mum of 14 month old Billy

I loved that the photo session was an opportunity to capture my pregnancy in that moment of being connected with the feminine and maternal aspect of my pregnancy. The experience was so lovely. I have never had an experience in front of the camera before and I really did feel so comfortable and at ease with you Leah.
You’ve managed to capture how I was feeling as a woman and a soon to be mother in the shots. The nervous energy I had actually helped to show me rather than someone else. It has framed a time in my life that I have loved and I will now have these beautiful photos to remember the time by and cherish forever.
Your work is stunning. Thank you again for these beautiful photographs.

Millie, pregnant first time mum

Once our baby came along we wanted to get some photo’s taken that were worth printing, as opposed to the hundreds of photo’s sitting on our phones never to see the light of day. I saw some of Leah’s photo’s online and contacted her straight away, Leah arrived at our home and put us at ease immediately with her relaxed nature. We are not ones to have professional photo’s taken and we didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable at all, the whole process was quick, fun and natural. When we received the photo’s we were over the moon, they are all natural and not at all posed or over edited, a total reflection of this time in our lives. I can’t recommend Leah’s photography enough.

Liz, mother of 4 month old Stella

I was looking for a photographer to capture moments with our newborn son. I wanted photos that were natural and candid. My partner finds it hard to relax in front of a camera, as do I. However Leah made us feel comfortable and more relaxed right from the start. The session was informal and in the comfort of our own home. This made the experience more relaxing and didn’t feel intrusive in any way.

I love Leah’s style of photography and her ability to capture a moment in time that doesn’t feel staged or scripted. We were delighted with the photos and enjoyed the whole experience. I highly recommend Leah’s services.

Katherine, mother of 5 month old Ted

Thank you Leah for the amazing photos of our family.  We were a bit apprehensive about having the photo shoot in our house but she made us feel so relaxed and comfortable and I would definitely recommend it.  The photos aren’t staged and are in our natural environment so makes them more personal.  Leah was friendly and had a professional manner and her work is of a high quality.  We are extremely happy with our photos!

Tracey, mother of 5 month old Emily

You often get so caught up in the hectic pace of life, and don’t just take the time out to really appreciate your family and what you have. Spending time taking these photos was just a series of lovely moments appreciating our little family. From the minute we opened the door Greta warmed to you, she couldn’t stop smiling at you! You have a lovely warmth that kids pick up on. 

Karla, mum of 1 year old Greta

Leah!! Oh my goodness these are so divine! I had tears in my eyes. I love them so much. You provide such a warm and professional space that any family would be lucky to experience.

Millie, mum of 4 month old Lenny