roly-poly baby legs

:::: Photographing pregnancy, birth and family life, in your own home, Melbourne :::: 

In parents bedroom Dad holds laughing baby facing the mother who is holding her hand and pouting at her
Mother breastfeeding child in baby's nursery

I come to you and photograph you and your little ones in your own home, in Melbourne, Australia and beyond.


I’m Leah and I photograph real life, love and everyday moments, as you are now, in your own home. Photographing bumps, births, babies, kids and families is my cup of tea!
I’ve been photographing for 20 years, but since having my first baby, I knew I had to focus on documenting this whirlwind of a transitional time for families, and get women in the frame with their kids. I used to hate being in the frame, and therefore have hardly any photos of me and my baby…big mistake!! These are the ones that you and your kids will treasure the most in years to come. Beautiful photos of simple everyday moments, like hugging your tiny human, will mean everything once they don’t happen anymore and they are onto the next stage.
So if you’d like art made from your everyday ordinary moments, I’m your girl! I’ll give you honest, tender and unposed images that you will hold close to your heart always.
Mother holds baby on bed and tickles toddler

“Oh my goodness!! We were blown away with how beautiful your photos were! You have done an incredible job capturing the moments we will now remember forever. Thank you so much Leah, you’ve given us such an amazing gift!!!”

                                                                                                                                                       — Wendy, mother of two


One week old baby squished between two parents
Mother cradling newborn girl on her shoulder


Leah is a documentary style photographer who photographs real life, love and everyday moments, as you are now, in your own home. 

She specialises in newborn, motherhood and family photography and you will hold her genuine, tender and unposed images close to your heart. 

Leah works across all of Melbourne, the South West Coast of Victoria and beyond.

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