childs hands holding black piece of paper with a question mark

Snail Mail Lucky Dip

Gee did I get excited about the prospect of a lucky dip in my childhood days! Equally, if not MORE excited to get a hand-written letter in the mailbox, addressed to me (I STILL love this! Don’t you?) Well I’m rolling all that nostalgia up into one little parcel for you!



Mailed directly to you.

Considering we can’t travel at the moment, I thought that I could bring the world to you (well…little bits of it!). Some original photographic artwork from far flung places to brighten up your life.

And who doesn’t love a surprise? Surprise yourself or a friend, or a family member! And if you don’t happen to love it, re-gift it (pop it back in an envelope and use it as a post card to send onto a friend)!

How it works: Subscribe for $15 per month, opt out anytime. I’ll mail you one 6×4” photograph of mine from somewhere around the world, printed on archival fine art paper.

My snail mail lucky dip service is for bringing art and a smile directly to your mailbox.