Real life, love and everyday moments – The raw beauty of in-home newborn and family photography

Are you after someone to document life as it is for your family, right now? I photograph families who want natural, heart-felt and meaningful images and I believe that capturing the essence of your family is done best in your own home. You’ll be surrounded by everything that is part of you and your story – your people, pets, the books on your shelves, the way you feed in your chair, the pictures on your walls, the place that you call home. This all encompassing love is what I’m drawn to photograph – a celebration of this slice of time, that you can hold close to your heart always.

Hi, I’m Leah – photographer and mum of two wildly energetic toddlers who fill my heart! I’ve always been nostalgic and ever since I was young, loved nothing more than flicking through our family photo albums. The pictures I love the most in these albums are the pictures of me with my Mum, a rare event as she was usually the one behind the camera. I went on to study photography at university, and now after becoming a mother myself, not only am I dedicated to photographing my own little ones growing up, but I understand the importance of jumping into the frame with them to show them these early days that we shared together. Whenever I’m having a tough day, I get my camera out and we take photos of ourselves, to remind us of what we’ve got. Being creative makes me happy and I find so much inspiration in parenthood – the funny bits, the mess (oh the mess!), the tender, wild and quiet moments. The little hands wrapped around yours. The laughter. The baby curls. There is beauty in the everyday and I’m compelled to chase and catch it. I want to do this for you too.

I realised that in-home baby photography was a gift and something I had to do when I photographed my partner getting my son dressed on the change table after a bath one day. There would be a river of tears whenever he was taken out of the bath. Every. Single. Time. Until his nappy was on and he was dressed. That day, I photographed him mid-meltdown on the change table, then in the next frame he is up in my partners arms giggling away as his toes are being tickled. Tears would melt into laughter. I love having a record of this ordinary everyday moment, which I probably would have forgotten by now if it wasn’t recorded like this. These moments really are fleeting. A mere few weeks later he started toilet training and we didn’t use the change table anymore. It’s easy to overlook these mundane tasks that you do day in-day out, as somedays it can feel like they will never end, but they will. Luckily for us we have those special photographs – mementos that bring back a flood of beautiful memories of what that season of life looked like. They are framed and hanging on our walls. It makes me smile every time I walk past them, that I’ve got tangible evidence that I can keep forever and pass on to my kids.

This work of documenting real life can bring so much joy. I’m so passionate about capturing natural moments between you and your children in your own home. I come to you and photograph you spending time together. Finding the best light, angles and composition in your home is what I do best. It’s very relaxed and you don’t have to go anywhere. The state of your house tells a story of your here and now. You might be in the middle of renovating, or have piles of washing all over the floor. Embrace the chaos of parenthood! Don’t put off having photos taken by waiting for the perfect time. These are the days to get in the frame together WITH your kids. You are perfect as you are. You just have to be you.

“Leah was amazing at making us all feel at home.  Pretty soon we were all just doing our natural thing – she took amazing shots feeding and sleeping and singing songs – we lost our self consciousness and the raw connection really shone through”     Ash – mum of 4 week old Enya

Imagine having curated snapshots documenting how your life was when your babies were so small. You will all be in the frame together living life, which will allow your children to see how much you loved them, how you cared for them and forever remind you of how little they once were in your hands. It’s the closest thing to time travel we’ve got.

I would love to document your unique story. Get in touch and let’s create something together.

xx Leah

(yes – my son, my brother and I were all Born on a Wednesday)